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RAIZOR Cranes are very easy to install
4. Set the runways' top chord on the runway support tubes, attach runway clamp plates at each runway support tube, and attach top chord and track splice plates at each joint. Torque splice plates but merely tighten runway clamp plates at this time. Adjust the runway spacing to match the bridge's nominal length along the full length of the runways.
5. Prepare bridge for installation by removing both endstop bolts and the cushion from one end, rolling the trolley into the bridge, re-installing the cushion, and attaching endtrucks to each end with supplied hardware (endstop bolts). Remove an endstop bolt and cushion from one end of each runway.
6. Lift the bridge and roll the endtrucks into the runways. Immediately install the endstop cushions and bolts. Do not overtighten the endstop bolts or crush the track--use the supplied locknut. Roll the bridge along the full length of the runways to check the runway. spacing. Make adjustments as needed and then torque the runway clamp plate bolts.
7. Install the festoon support tubes, wire rope, slide wire trolleys, and flat wire cable or conductor bar on runway and bridge.
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