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Design Details
RAIZOR Cranes are very easy to install
1. Lay out the system by marking the runway centerlines on the floor and the desired column locations. Remember that columns can be set with the knee brace turned in or out. Also, columns can be located anywhere along the runway so long as they are within 4' 0" of the runway end and the maximum support center is not exceeded.
2. Install the columns by drilling holes of the proper size and depth, placing epoxy anchors and, after the epoxy has cured, placing a plate washer between the base plate and nut. For leveling the column to plumb, use either shims or leveling nuts with grout.
3. Attach runway support tubes to the columns using the hardware supplied and torque properly. The top plates of the columns have three sets of mounting holes for the runway support tubes so they can be mounted perpendicular to the runways or at an angle to clear the vertical runway tubes. Determine the location of the runway vertical tubes relative to the columns to ensure the correct choice of mounting holes. This can be changed later if necessary.
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