RAIZOR Cranes are engineered with advanced features that enhance your productivity
RAIZOR pivoting endtrucks make bridges easier to move when working near the end of the bridge.
RAIZOR pivoting endtrucks allow the bridge to rotate so endtrucks can be shorter.
RAIZOR support steel provides higher hoist height for a given ceiling height.
RAIZOR crane electrification uses tagline festoon-
ing or conductor bar instead of glides or trolleys.
RAIZOR columns are designed for placement at any point along the runways up to the maximum allowed support centers.
RAIZOR endstop cushions are specially designed to absorb bridge and trolley impacts for reduced stress on crane components.
RAIZOR cranes are powder coated to protect your investment.
RAIZOR support steel utilizes I-beam columns for greater strength, but weighs less than the competition because there is no header beam.
RAIZOR tractor drives are integral to the endtrucks or trolleys and feature VFD drives. Cranes with tractor drives have rigid endtrucks.
Reduced operator fatigue because only one end of the bridge needs to move during repetitive work.
Better end approach on the runways and lower stress on the bridge and endtrucks.
Lifts your workpiece higher than competitors' cranes can.

The hoist can cover the entire crane area without track extensions so you don't waste space.
Flexible layout options so crane support columns can be placed easily around your existing machinery.

Smooth, quiet operation with less part swing at the end of travel.

The tough, durable finish is available in custom colors and is environmentally friendly.
Shipping costs are reduced and so are headroom requirements.

Better hook approach yields better coverage and VFD technology provides smooth starts and dual speeds, all standard and at a low cost.
RAIZOR Cranes are designed with an allowance of 15% of capacity for hoist weight and an allowance of 25% capacity for impact loading
RAIZOR enclosed track and polyamide wheels provide easy rolling movement and quiet operation
RAIZOR Cranes employ modular design for easy installation, modification, and expansion
RAIZOR freestanding workstation bridge cranes are self-supporting. Bracing to building steel is recommended but not necessary
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