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RAIZOR enclosed track workstation bridge cranes offer one of the most cost-effective and ergonomic material-handling systems on the market. Available for direct purchase, they enable you to buy high quality at a low cost.

From the unique and efficient support steel to
the innovative pivoting endtrucks, from the standard tagline or conductor bar electrification to the integral tractor drives, from the special endstop cushions to the powder-coated finish, you will find RAIZOR Cranes to be the most advanced, rugged, and productive cranes on the market today.
Lower initial cost is one of RAIZOR Cranes' most important features. By using state-of-the-art manufacturing and unique design features, RAIZOR workstation cranes cost less, and they are available direct to end users, cutting middleman costs. In addition, their uncomplicated design and the complete installation instructions provided allow your maintenance crew to install the cranes.
RAIZOR Cranes are available in 250-, 500-, 1000-, 2000-, 4000-, and 6000-lbs capacities. Custom design to meet your specific needs is one of our specialties. Our control systems for automatic operation and positioning provide unlimited application options.
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